Various Basalt Columns and Twentysix Small Swimming Pools contribute to the growing body of texts made by self-publishers all over the world in response to works by the artist Ed Ruscha. The books embrace the notion of collective imitations as new territories for artistic practice.

Various Basalt Columns emulates formal characteristics of Ruscha’s books while taking Joseph Beuys’ social sculpture as its subject. The book was made after the artist passed numerous trees and columns which are part of Beuys’ 7000 Oaks project on her way to view some of Ruscha’s artist books at a gallery in Chelsea. It captures the experience of looking at unrelated artworks in rapid succession.

Twentysix Small Swimming Pools takes its title from three Ruscha books while using Google Earth as the source for imagery. Like a post-digital flâneur, the artist perused old neighborhoods in search of swimming pools etched in memory.

We will resume shipment of these titles in August 2017.

Both Various Basalt Columns and Twentysix Small Swimming Pools can be purchased at Printed Matter in New York.

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