The Unofficial Press is Aggie Toppins’ non-commercial studio practice. The work is focused on publications, print multiples, and research-oriented design projects.

Publications are platforms for critical inquiry. The Unofficial Press produces artist books, zines, and multiples that engage readers in semiotic play while exploring the material possibilities of books and printed matter.

The Unofficial Press supports what El Lissitszy called “the book-space,” in which publications transcend media conventions and the page becomes the site for discovery. Using the language of graphic design, The Unofficial Press examines life in late capitalist culture. The work exposes the negotiability of meaning while investigating the intersections of private histories with public rituals including themes of struggles within structures, privilege and consumption, and questions about place and identity within hyperreal life.

Retailers supporting Unofficial publications include Quimby’s in Chicago and Printed Matter in New York. Our friends at Pioneers Press and Half Letter Press also carry some of our titles. The Unofficial Press regularly participates in national art book fairs and exhibitions. Our Collisions zine is currently on view in an exhibition at The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

Unofficial publications can also be found at London’s Stuart Hall Library and Banner Repeater, Tokyo’s Booklet Library, the Seattle Art Museum Research Library, the Kunstbibliothek at Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and in special collections at Claremont University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and The Chattanooga Public Library.

To see client-based design work for commercial contexts, visit The Official Studio.